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For just $23.06 , buy Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner 12KPa Powerful Suction Wet Dry 120W Household Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Floor Brush from the wholesale webshop online.

Product Description

Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner 12KPa Powerful Suction Wet Dry 120W Household Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Floor Brush
  • Wireless vacuum cleaner: Wireless design, convenient for you to move the vacuum cleaner freely without the annoyance of wires, dual-use for home and car
  • Powerful suction power: 12000Pa powerful suction power, capture sofa dust, pet hair, car dust, etc. in a short time, easily deal with all cleaning
  • High-power motor: 120W high-power motor, effective and fast dust removal, long-lasting suction, low noise, no heat
  • Suction and wipe two in one: The width of the floor brush suction mouth reaches 212mm, open mouth design, no tangled hair, wood board/carpet/tile floor can be used
  • Long run time: Only 6-7 hours to charge, 3 * 2000mAh batteries can provide up to 30min run time for deep cleaning
  • Removable filter: The filter is removable and can be washed and used repeatedly to maintain good suction power
  • Humanized design: Equipped with LED front lighting, it can be easily cleaned in dark places to achieve visual cleaning; when not in use, it can stand against the wall or be disassembled and put into the drawer for easy storage and organization


  • Model: ST-6101EG
  • Material: ABS
  • Rated voltage: DC 11.1V
  • Vacuum degree: 12000Pa
  • Rated speed:35500rpm
  • Battery capacity: 3*2000mAh
  • Charging method: 5V USB boost charging line
  • Rated power: 120W
  • Noise: ≤84dB
  • Operating temperature: -20℃~+50℃
  • USB cable length: about 1m
  • Charging time: about 4-6 hours


  • 1. Be sure to install the filter net when using
  • 2. Do not be in direct sunlight, do not use in high temperature and high pressure places
  • 3. Do not use gasoline or volatile decontaminants to wipe the body
  • 4. The motor rotates when the front shell can not be taken down
  • 6. When absorbing moisture, pay attention to the height of the water in the front cover
  • 7. When removing the foreign matter in the gap, please put on the suction tube
  • 8. When finished using this product, please turn off the switch and remove the debris from the mesh bag, press the fastening buckle, and then pour off the foreign matter
  • 9. In order to make the vacuum cleaner better, you need to clean the filter bag regularly, when not using the vacuum cleaner, you can roll up the power cord for storage

Package included:

  • 1 x Vacuum Cleaner
  • 1 x Hose
  • 1 x Brush
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Carpet Brush
  • 1 x English and Chinese Manual


Gross Weight 1.696kg
Volume Weight 2.164kg
Package Length 36.800cm
Package Width 17.500cm
Package Height 15.000cm
One Package Weight 1.514kg
With Retail Packaging No

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