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Retail Packaging No Package
Gross Weight 0.448kg
Volume Weight 1.210kg
Package Length 60.000cm
Package Width 45.000cm
Package Height 2.000cm
Package Weight 0.400kg
With Retail Packaging No

Product Description

?? UN 2525 ??32*26*23 ?????UN????(????????)

物料   UN 2525   尺寸32*26*23  电池专用箱UN箱认证箱(仅纯电池发货使用)

Compatible with:

  • ZTE Zmax Pro

Package included:

  • 物料 UN 2525 尺寸32*26*23 电池专用箱UN箱认证箱(仅纯电池发货使用)
??   UN 2525   ??32*26*23  ?????UN????(????????)-1

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