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For just $10.45 , buy Two Solar Radiator Ventilator Temperature Controller Car Vehicle-mounted Fan – Black from the wholesale webshop online.


Color Black
Retail Packaging Colored Box
User Manual (Language) English and Chinese
Gross Weight 0.650kg
Volume Weight 0.484kg
Package Length 18.000cm
Package Width 15.000cm
Package Height 8.000cm
Package Weight 0.580kg
With Retail Packaging Yes

Product Description

Two Solar Radiator Ventilator Temperature Controller Car Vehicle-mounted Fan – Black
  • By lowering the temperature in the car, you can feel more relaxed and prolong the service life of the electronic equipment in the car

  • Blow off the odor in the car and keep the air in the car fresh

  • Prevent fog on rainy days

  • After installation, please check whether the lamp is on

  • If the indicator lights up, the solar panels are already working

  • Please set the left switch to ON and press the middle button

  • The central button has three gears. Press the button. If the fan is working, please pay attention to the light. If the light is darker than usual, use solar panels for power supply

  • Then press the left button again. The fan is still working. At that time, please check the brightness indicator for any changes. If not, you are using battery power

  • Press the button again, the fan stops working and all the power is off

  • Under normal circumstances, no matter which gear the central button is in, you will get a charging fan before the solar panel stores the power


  • Size: 175 * 145 * 80mm / 6.89 * 5.71 * 3.15inches

  • Blade material: plastic 

  • Speed: 3000 R / M

  • Solar energy: 2 W 

  • Voltage: 3.6 V 

  • Current: 600 mA 

  • Built-in battery capacity: 800 mAH 

  • Applicable model: General 

Package included:

  • 1 x Solar Car Cooler
  • 2 x Rubber Sealing Strip
  • 1 x User Manual

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