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Plug EU Plug
Gross Weight 0.095kg
Volume Weight 0.060kg
Length 6.800cm
Width 6.300cm
Height 6.300cm
Weight 0.085kg
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Product Description

Socket Tester Circuit Polarity Voltage Automatic Detector Wall Plug Instrumentation Tools – EU Plug

This product is used to check whether the poles of the power socket are connected according to the requirements, and whether the power protection system of the household is normal. It can promptly remind the user to make adjustments to the sockets of faults and safe hazards, guarantee the safety of household electricity.

  • GFCI Test Button: This versatile tester checks power outlet sockets for correct wiring and trip function for GFCI. It tests your protection system to ensure the household electrical safety. It is better to protect your security against the risk of electric shock

  • Bright LED Display: Light patterns are well labeled on the back of the device itself. The Green LED indicators can be lighted up clearly in strong sunlight. The tester incorporates a built-in light so it can also be used in the dark. It can make you read fast

  • Easy to Use: It has a large and easy read fault chart. Includes 7 different patterns for you to read: Correct, Ground Open, Neutral Open, Live/NEU Reverse, Live/GRD Reverse, Live Open, Live Ground Reverse Missing Ground. Provides a clear indication that you can quickly understand and use it

  • Wide Application: In accordance with CE, FCC, RoHS safety standard. As a general measurement tool and widely used in the school, laboratory, factory and other social field. It saves you a lot of time in diagnosing problems with sockets

  • Easy to Carry: Lightweight and handy size, easy to carry and storage

  • With three indicators and detailed explanation, it is easy for a newer to use it. Any user can quickly identify which of the wiring conditions is indicated by the 3 LED lights

  • Impact Resistant ABS housing makes the product more practical and prevents it from drop damage

  • With one button controlling, the meter can quickly test socket if connects positive and negative pole as request and whether household power protection systems works well or not to ensure the household electrical safety


  • Material: ABS

  • Nominal voltage: AC 90-120V 50-60Hz

  • Rated residual operating current: 5mA

  • Item size: 58 * 53 * 53mm / 2.3 * 2.1 * 2.1in

  • Item weight: 51g / 1.8oz


  • Socket tester displays "Correct" which means the pole is connected correctly, but does not means resistance value is passed designation standard.

  • Only passing "Creeping Switch Test", it can finally obtain the earth resistance value to test whether the Protection System works well or not.

  • To ensure your safety, don't make the insert out of shape to affect the test result.

Package included:

  • 1 x Socket Tester
  • 1 x English User Manual

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