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For just $ 7.95 , buy DC to DC 15W Adjustable USB Step Up Down Power CVCC Buck Boost Voltage Regulator Converter from the wholesale webshop online.


Gross Weight 0.064kg
Volume Weight 0.016kg
Length 9.000cm
Width 4.000cm
Height 2.000cm
Weight 0.058kg
With Retail Packaging No

Product Description

DC to DC 15W Adjustable USB Step Up Down Power CVCC Buck Boost Voltage Regulator Converter

This is a DC adjustable constant voltage constant current step up/down power module with LED digital tube display. Display output voltage, output current and output power. Adjustable output voltage and current. Set output current to meet the require. It can be used as ordinary buck power supply module, charge and LED constant current driver. Simple and efficient, practical.

  • With intelligent quick charge decapitation, solve the problem of insufficient power of USB input port. Support mainstream fast charge protocol, QC2.0 3.0,FCP SCP AFC

  • High power 15W, 2A current, can be used for fan speed regulation, desktop power, adjustable charge, router power, etc

  • Used as USB input adjustable desktop power, can adjust output voltage arbitrarily and limit current 0-2A, wide input 4-13V, wide output 0.5-30V can be adjusted arbitrarily, with short circuit protection, short connection does not burn

  • As a USB charging cable, arbitrarily adjust the charging voltage and maximum charging current, arbitrary voltage, with constant current, anti-reverse irrigation, to meet most battery charging requirements

  • Multiple protection: short circuit, over current, over temperature, over power, over voltage protection, charging and reverse irrigation protection


  • Input voltage: 4-13V

  • Output voltage: 0.5-30V

  • Output current: 0-2A

  • Output power: less than 15W

  • Voltage display: resolution is 0.1V, factory accuracy is ± 0.1V

  • Current display: resolution 0.01A, measuring range 0-2.2A, factory accuracy ±0.05A

  • Power display: 0.00W-15.0W

  • Operating current: about 30mAh

  • Item size: 85x36x15mm/3.3×1.4×0.6in

  • Item weight: 30g/1.1ounce 

Package included:

  • 1 x Voltage Regulator

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