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For just $104.41 , buy AU682 Audio Adapter Digital Display Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver for TV Computer from the wholesale webshop online.

Product Description

AU682 Audio Adapter Digital Display Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver for TV Computer

Straight line distance of 200 meters, can go through the wall, the transmitter supports mobile phone Bluetooth connection, receiver with 3.5MM audio port, coaxial audio port, SPDIF fiber output port, the sound quality can reach 192khz/bit high-end HIFI level.

  • The transmitter and receiver are powered by USB and can be powered by any device USB port (power supply is not included)

  • The transmitter adds the Bluetooth connection function of the mobile phone

  • The transmitter has a display screen, which can display the channel, which is more convenient to use

  • When not using Bluetooth transmission, the transmitter can use the 3.5MM interface alone to connect to the computer, mobile phone, player, and other signal sources to wirelessly transmit audio

  • The receiver has an optical SPDIF output, which can reach 192kHz/bit HiFi level

  • The receiver also has a coaxial output, 3.5MM audio port output, and wireless transmission of sound quality is more stable and clear


Transmitter Receiver
Operating Voltage 3.6-5.5V DC 3.6-5.5V DC
Working current Max 250mA Max 100mA
Ambient temperature 0-85℃ 0-85℃
The actual working frequency range of the module 749-770NHZ 749-770NHZ
Modulate heatstroke prevention Pi/4DQPSX
Channel spacing 4MHz 4MHz
Frequency selection method Provide channel one-way loop selection Provide automatic tracking search
Frequency stability ±100KHz ±100KHz
Module actual working channel 20CH 20CH
Module channel interval 1MHz 1MHz
Sending and receiving distance 100 meters (in an open place, the test uses a transmission power of 100mv)
Transmit power 1-100mv(default 100mv)
Receiving sensitivity  -95dBm
Input level Max1.0VpK
input resistance 10k ohm
Input and output interface 3.5 audio input 3.5 audio output, 192kHz optical output, coaxial output
Stereo output level 1 30mW RL=32
Stereo output level 2 50mW RL=32
Output impedance 1k Ohm
Output-input gain ratio 0.000695602
Frequency Range 20-20000Hz
delay 2.5ns
Sampling Rate 3.5 AUX: 48KHz/32bit, Optical axis (coaxial): 192kHz/24bit
Signal-to-noise ratio 95db
Dynamic Range 95db
Left and right channel isolation 85db

Package included:

  • 1 x Audio Receiver
  • 1 x Audio Transmitter
  • 2 x Audio Cables
  • 1 x English and Chinese User Manual


Brand N/A
Retail Packaging Paper Box
User Manual (Language) English and Chinese
Gross Weight 0.246kg
Volume Weight 0.202kg
Package Length 20.500cm
Package Width 11.000cm
Package Height 4.000cm
One Package Weight 0.220kg
With Retail Packaging Yes
AU682 Audio Adapter Digital Display Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver for TV Computer-1

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