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For just $ 29.96 , buy 81Pcs Dent Puller Kit Car Body Repairing Tool Set Spot Welding Electrodes Spotter Welder Straightenging Dents Remover from the wholesale webshop online.


Gross Weight 4.483kg
Volume Weight 1.803kg
Length 36.500cm
Width 21.000cm
Height 10.500cm
Weight 4.003kg
With Retail Packaging No

Product Description

81Pcs Dent Puller Kit Car Body Repairing Tool Set Spot Welding Electrodes Spotter Welder Straightenging Dents Remover
  • It is very distressed when there are dents in the car's surface, then you have to spend time and money repairing it

  • Save more time and don't need wait for car dent repairing in shop

  • With a 6-finger puller claw hook, strong and powerful

  • The welding machine is made of fine quality ABS and copper. With 3 pieces switches, meeting your needs

  • The washers holder is applied to washer thickness less than 2mm

  • Including a dual-end welding tip, a flat end and a sharpen end


  • Quantity per set: 81 pieces

  • Material:

        Slide Hammer: stainless steel

        Welding Machine: ABS + copper

        Dent Pulling Claw: stainless steel

        Washer Hook: stainless steel

        Washers Holder: brass

        Welding Tip: copper

        Wiggle Wires: copper coated iron

        Pulling Straight Bits: copper coated iron

        Dent Pulling Star Pads: copper coated iron

        Star Pull Pads Holder: brass

        Carbon Rods Holder: brass

  • Size:

        Slide Hammer: approx. 365mm / 14.4in, 1768g / 3.90lb, screw tips size: M-16

        Welding Machine: approx. 210 * 165mm / 8.3 * 6.5in, 512g / 1.13lb

        Dent Pulling Claw: screw size: M-16

        Washer Hook: length: 130mm / 5.1in, screw size: M-16

        Washers Holder: length: 60mm / 2.4in

        Welding Tip: length: 75mm /3.0in , diameter: 10mm / 0.4in

        Wiggle Wires: length: 330mm / 13.0in

        Pulling Straight Bits: length: 58mm / 2.3in, thickness: 1.5mm to 2mm, hole size: 17 x 10mm / 0.7 x 0.4in

        Dent Pulling Star Pads: thickness: 1.5mm to 2mm, hole diameter: 10mm / 0.4in

        Triangles Holder: length: 45mm / 1.8in,screw size: M-16

        Carbon Rods Holder: length: 65mm / 2.6in, hole diameter: 10mm / 0.4in

Package included:

  • 1 x Dent Pulling Slide Hammer
  • 1 x Spot Welding Machine
  • 3 x Spot Welding Machine Switches
  • 1 x Dent Pulling Claw(6 fingers)
  • 1 x Washers Holder
  • 1 x Washer Hook(M-16)
  • 1 x Spot Welding Tip Double Sided
  • 1 x Carbon Rods Holder
  • 10 x Wiggle Wires
  • 50 x Dent Pulling Straight Bits
  • 10 x Dent Pulling Star Pads
  • 1 x Triangles Holder

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