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For just $ 7.74 , buy 5W/9W/13W Submersible UV Light Sterilizing Lamp for Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Water Disinfection – 13W from the wholesale webshop online.


ColorStyle A
Gross Weight 0.316kg
Volume Weight 0.232kg
Length 28.800cm
Width 8.000cm
Height 4.500cm
Weight 0.282kg
With Retail Packaging No

Product Description

5W/9W/13W Submersible UV Light Sterilizing Lamp for Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Water Disinfection – 13W

This product, with UV sterilization function, can ensure the fish tank clear and bright effectively. It's very simple for use and great for effects. 

  • High quality filament for high performance and energy-saving

  • Adopt quartz glass tube for high transmission of ultraviolet ray

  • Powerful suction cups for adjusting position freely

  • Safe water-proof design for totally submersible use

  • Suitable for controlling malignant bacteria in aquarium and fish tank


  • Body Material: Quartz Glass

  • Plug: EU Plug

  • Voltage: AC 220-240V 

  • Frequency: 50/60HZ

  • Wattage: 5W/9W/13W (Optional)

  • Power Cable Length: Approx. 200cm / 78.7in

  • Tube Diameter: 19mm / 0.75in

  • Lamp body Length: 

  • 5W: 165mm / 6.5in

  • 9W: 225mm / 8.86in

  • 13W: 245mm / 9.64in


  • 1. The sterilizer should be placed in filter-tank, can't put it in the fish tank directly.

  • 2. The product is for submersible use.

  • 3. In use process, please cut off the power supply and stop using immediately if the lamp enters water.

  • 4. The ultraviolet radiation will cause direct harm to human skin and eyes, please don't expose to use.

Usage Suggestion:

  • Please choose the suitable lamp according to the size of your fish tank and filter-tank. 3-4 times for a week and 10 minutes-1 hour each time.

  • If there has large number of algae in the aquarium or sick fish in the tank, can use this sterilizer 1-2 hours per day, but don't exceed 2 hours. When the symptom turns better, please return to normal use.

Package included:

  • 1 x UV Light Sterilizer

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