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For just $ 7.96 , buy 3120pcs 156 Values 1 ohm to 10M ohm 1/4W 1% Metal Film Resistors Assortment Kit Electronic Components from the wholesale webshop online.


Gross Weight 0.429kg
Volume Weight 0.148kg
Length 15.000cm
Width 11.000cm
Height 4.000cm
Weight 0.383kg
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Product Description

3120pcs 156 Values 1 ohm to 10M ohm 1/4W 1% Metal Film Resistors Assortment Kit Electronic Components

This useful resistor kit contains 3120pcs 156 values 1/4W metal film resistors, which can provide great convenience for your repair work, research, DIY electronic project, etc. 

  • Each ohm value is packaged neatly

  • The resistance is marked on every row

  • Find the resistors you need exactly with ease

  • Contain 156 values and 3120pcs in total, 1 ohm to 10M ohm

  • Great for your repair work, electronic DIY project, etc


  • Power: 1/4W

  • Type: Metal Film Resistor

  • Resistance Range: 1 ohm to 10M ohm

  • Resistance Tolerance: (+/-)1%

  • Size: Approx. 6x2mm / 0.23×0.07"(L * Dia.)

  • Quantity: 156 Values * 20pcs = 3120pcs 

  • Total Weight: 374g / 13.21oz 

156 Values 1 ohm to 10M ohm 1/4W Metal Film Resistors Assortment Kit

1 ohm 1.2 ohm 1.3 ohm 1.5 ohm 1.6 ohm 1.8 ohm 2.0 ohm 2.2 ohm 2.4 ohm 2.7 ohm
3.0 ohm 3.3 ohm 3.6 ohm 3.9 ohm 4.3 ohm 4.7 ohm 5.1 ohm 5.6 ohm 6.2 ohm 6.8 ohm
7.5 ohm 8.2 ohm 9.1 ohm 10 ohm 12 ohm 15 ohm 18 ohm 20 ohm 22 ohm 24 ohm
27 ohm 30 ohm 33 ohm 36 ohm 39 ohm 43 ohm 47 ohm 51 ohm 56 ohm  62 ohm
68 ohm 75 ohm 82 ohm 91 ohm 100 ohm 110 ohm 120 ohm 130 ohm 150 ohm 160 ohm
180 ohm 200 ohm 220 ohm 240 ohm 270 ohm 300 ohm 330 ohm 360 ohm 390 ohm 430 ohm
470 ohm 510 ohm 560 ohm 620 ohm 680 ohm 750 ohm 820 ohm 910 ohm 1k ohm 1.1k ohm
1.2k ohm 1.5k ohm 1.6k ohm 1.8k ohm 2.0k ohm 2.2k ohm 2.4k ohm 2.7k ohm 3.0k ohm 3.3k ohm
3.6k ohm 3.9k ohm 4.3k ohm 4.7k ohm 5.1k ohm 5.6k ohm 6.2k ohm 6.8k ohm 7.5k ohm 8.2k ohm
9.1k ohm 10k ohm 11k ohm 12k ohm 13k ohm 15k ohm 16k ohm 18k ohm 20k ohm 22k ohm
24k ohm 27k ohm 30k ohm 33k ohm 36k ohm 39k ohm 43k ohm 47k ohm 51k ohm 56k ohm
62k ohm 68k ohm 75k ohm 82k ohm 91k ohm 100k ohm 110k ohm 120k ohm 130k ohm 150k ohm
160k ohm 180k ohm 200k ohm 220k ohm 240k ohm 270k ohm 300k ohm 330k ohm 360k ohm 390k ohm
430k ohm 470 ohm 510k ohm 560k ohm 620k ohm 680k ohm 750k ohm 820k ohm 910k ohm 1M ohm
1.2M ohm 1.5M ohm 1.8M ohm 2.0M ohm 2.2M ohm 2.4M ohm 3.0M ohm 3.3M ohm 3.9M ohm 4.7M ohm
5.1M ohm 5.6M ohm 6.2M ohm 6.8M ohm 8.2M ohm 10M ohm

Package included:

  • 3120 x 1/4W Metal Film Resistors

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